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Martvilo – the south-western Issae necropolis

The south-western necropolis or, according to the local toponym, Martvilo, is situated close to the town’s western walls.

Today, the remains of this necropolis can still be seen behind the tennis courts.

What prevailed in this necropolis were tombs made of great stone slabs which were erected vertically in order to make a stone case.

Above them is a tomb bonnet made of one or more parts. The bottom of the tomb was not paved, and the deceased was laid directly onto the rock cliff, ground, or sometimes onto the fine seashore.  

The size of the Hellenistic tombs was approx. 190 per 90 per 100 cm. The exceptions were children's graves.

In such tombs burying was performed by means of inhumation, that is burying the skeletal remains of the deceased, and sometimes even entire families were buried there.  

In the later period, at the beginning of the Empire, Issa was, after losing its independence and becoming a civium Romanorum, inhabited by a great number of Italics who slowly introduced a new burial custom; this was reflected in incineration, that is burning the deceased and placing their ashes in urns.

Burying in this necropolis began in the 4th century BC.