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Vis cultural summer

Summer in Vis, both in the town and on the entire island, in the already famous tradition, is marked by numerous cultural events which during the sunniest period of the year make the whole area of southern Croatian an unusually vivid and active place.

Certainly, the town's cultural events are older than the summer shows organized by amateur cultural and artistic societies and individuals as well as those who generally organise and develop cultural activities in the small centres. The Croatian, historical Cultural Centre as a central area of culture in the town used to, and continues to bring together theatre, musical, choir, singing and klapa companies and ensembles as well as all musicians instrumentalists.
There is a particularly well-known Popular Brass Music here, an unescapable participant in all of the island's celebrations as well as a particularly active and awarded amateur dramatics group with their popular repertoire, members of the Amateur Theatre named after the writer, Ranko Marinković, who was one of the most eminent protagonists in the whole of Croatia's cultural history. The atmosphere values in old Vis offer a series of areas that under the reflector lights in the summer months, become stages especially when attractive ensembles appear in the town and take over the Battery, Klapavica, the waterfront and other important areas in Kut as well as other Squares, courtyards and stage areas. If we add to these the occasional arts (fine arts and similar)camps , recitals, popular shows and festivals as well as other programmes, Vis' Cultural Summer shines totally each year and is accepted both by the islanders themselves and the growing number of their guests.