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Ancient monuments

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The collection of Hellenistic monuments also placed by the Split Archaeological Museum is the largest of its kind in Croatia.

Here prehistoric materials from the Bronze and Iron Ages collected from all over the island can be seen, such as ceramic fragments, fibulae, and spiral and glass-like decorations.

One of the most interesting items is a copy of the bronze head of the goddess, Artemis.

The statue dates back to the 4th century BC and is one of the most important Greek bronze monuments in Croatia.


Roman Thermae

The public thermal bath complexes are one of the most significant achievements of Roman architecture.

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Martvilo – the south-western Issae necropolis

The south-western necropolis or, according to the local toponym, Martvilo, is situated close to the town’s western walls.

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Roman Theatre

Views of almost every large ancient town were adorned by a beautiful and, from an architectural point of view, a richly articulated theatre building.

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