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Cycling on Vis

Everyone rides a bike on Vis. Old and young, natives and tourists... All kinds of bikes are ridden. Right or defective, on two, three, or even four wheels. There is no place on the whole Adriatic where the bike is as popular as in Vis.

In less than half an hour you can ride from Grandovac to the hotel beach on Prirovo without really having to struggle uphill.

However, the island of Vis is a real challenge for serious cyclists too. If you have not come to the island with your bike, you can rent one in one of the numerous rent-a-bike agencies, and then you will have numerous possibilities ahead.

There are no exclusively cycling paths on the island, but you can ride along existing roads, well-trodden paths and for those looking for more extreme adventures, impossible routes are created by enthusiasts from the Arcicija cycling club.

The principal route to reach the field by bike:

Climb to the highway along the shortest way possible; that is feasible if you take one of the following:

  1. At the entrance to Vis from the approach road coming from a south-westerly direction
  2. By pushing your bike along the Luško Brdo path which starts from Stagna
  3. On the road through Battery 4. From Goveja (close to the Police Station) on the road uphill
  4. From the area known as Tri Palme (Three Palm Trees) in Kut, along the farmers' road passing through Prismen which at the same time is a cycling ring-road taking you to Lučica, Mandrač and the Grandovac beach

Bicycle paths on the island of Vis

Boj pod Visom - Wellington fort

  10.2 km / 6.3 miles

  123 m / 404 ft climb

Boj pod Visom - St. Michael church

  9.7 km / 6.0 miles

  216 m / 710 ft

Boj pod Visom - Airport Vis

  8.6 km / 5.4 miles

  300 m / 984 ft


  9.6 km / 6.0 miles

  182 m / 597 ft