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  16.06.2021, 11:58h

For boat owners (boaters) - IMPORTANT!

We would like to inform you that as of April 4, 2021, it is no longer possible to pay the tourist tax on the premises
port authorities / branches, but exclusively through the portal:

which, in addition to the option of paying a flat tourist tax, also allows payment according to the number of nights.

In addition to Croatian, the portal is available in English, German and Italian, and translation into other languages ​​is being prepared for the markets that generate the most significant number of boaters.

A leaflet with short instructions for using the portal and a QR code that, after being scanned, redirects the user to the application page in several languages ​​can be obtained at the Visa Tourist Board.

This change does not apply to persons who use the service of overnight stay on a nautical tourism vessel (charter / cruising) who have not changed the method of charging and pay the tourist tax to a legal or natural person with whom they have contracted services on the vessel but to the owners or vessel users.

A vessel is legally considered to be any vessel longer than 7 meters with built-in berths, which is used for rest, recreation or cruising, and which is not a nautical tourism vessel (charter / cruising) and for which the Owner or user of the vessel is for himself and all persons nights on that vessel (hereinafter: boaters) is obliged to pay the tourist tax per night or in a lump sum.



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