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The interior of the island

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This happens in mid-summer and just after the unbearably hot week that suddenly gets worse.

The north wind starts to blow from the land, the clouds hide the sun and the sea becomes greyish and wavy.

And as the day advances, it becomes clear that no swimming will be taking place in the sea.

This is as it should be, so have no doubts, take a map of Vis and choose one of the numerous locations in the island's interior.

Vis is densely interwoven with roads, asphalt, and footpaths so there is no part that is unreachable or impassable. The power of civilization had already transformed each of its corners even a thousand years before the arrival of the Greeks.

Its interior particularly preserves this unwritten and unknown past of man on an island tailored to his size.

Arriving in Vis and focusing just on its sea and shore is the "privilege" of fanatical seamen who visit the land only when necessary. The rest of us are called to the Vis hills and valleys: it is time for an excursion into the field.



The interior of the island