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Although facing north-east, Stončica is quite protected from the bura (north-eastern) and similar winds, thanks to its length and spiral shape, which partially makes it one of the safest on the island of Vis.

This certainly applies to its southern part where the depth of the sea reaches six meters whilst the distance between the two shores is a hundred and fifty meters.

The sea bottom is covered with sand so anchors should be well embedded and whilst anchored you may be disturbed by whirls of a number of winds that, when becoming strong, bounce in all directions from the high shore. In spite of that, Stončica is a prime choice for navigation experts who want to enjoy solitude and still be a step from civilization.

There is a fishermen's and weekend settlement in the bay of the same name and on the sandy beach itself surrounded by palm trees, is a highly appreciated restaurant.

Stončica is also famous for one of the largest open-sea lighthouses on the Adriatic which emerges high up over the low and protruding cape where its eastern shore ends.

On the other side, a thousand meters in a westerly direction, the hill climbs from the sea into the Stracine Cape which protects Stončica as well as the Vela Cavojnica bay in front of it, from the powerful waves created by the north wind and the afternoon landward breeze.