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Rogačić Bay

In the most indented part of the northern island's shore, on the western part of the Port of Vis, is the deeply indented Rogačić Bay, which is protected from all winds.

It is made up of two bays, Parja, a narrower and longer one on the west, and Rogačić a bay that is slightly more open to the bura (north-eastern wind). On the opposite side, on the hill, the army built a tunnel that was used as a shelter for torpedo boats. To the east of it is a small concrete pier.

The port is additionally protected from northerly winds by Škojić where wild onions grow and which was once a cliff and today is a small peninsula. The sea bottom is muddy, on some parts it is covered with seaweed and the depth varies from four to ten meters in the center of Parja Bay.

The road to Vis is just half an hour away on foot whilst on the hills above the nearby bays of Vela and Mala Svitnja, are the English fortresses, the powerful George Fortress, that is, the Fortica, and half of the Bentich tower which is known by its toponym, Terjun by the people of Vise.