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Komiža bay and Komiža port

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The largest bay on the island of Vis, it is completely exposed to the western and south-western winds which create troublesome waves there, surrounded by Knez cape and illuminated by Stupišće, it has the shape of a horseshoe.

The only shelter is located in Komiža port, behind the high breakwater reconstructed in 1996 and reinforced with concrete blocks. This has prevented moorings on its peak. The first thirty meters are reserved for fishing boats and larger vessels and from there, a hundred meters are dedicated for navigation experts.

The depth of the sea from the peak of the breakwater to the waterfront lowers gradually from six to two meters and moorings have lockers with water and electricity connections. There are some thirty moorings so that during the summer traffic they are easily filled whilst throwing the anchor in the center of the port is advised only for the very patient and experienced seamen.

In fact, the sea traffic in the most famous fishermen's town on the Adriatic is almost always denser than the road traffic and the sandy bottom is full of lay-up blocks.

The situation worsens when the strong southerly or south-westerly winds blow so if you are not sure of catching a mooring, it would be better to delay your visit to Komiža for a while.