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Perasti Tower

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The Perasti tower, kaštil, was built by Vicko of Perast in Boka Kotorska, in 1617. He requested permission to construct from the general commissioner which he received on December, 16 1616 so the tower was built during 1617.

There is not much information about Vicko of Perast, the builder of the tower. The earliest document in which he is mentioned dates back to 1587 in which his family was also mentioned. He was always given the title Sir (ser, dominus). Vicko of Perast lived in the Vis settlement of Luka, in his own house close to the tower, and died in 1622.

He built the tower on his own land as defence for himself and other Vis inhabitants against possible Ottoman attacks on the town.

The castle walls are divided by horizontal garlands whilst there are openings for cannons and loopholes along the walls. There are square sentry boxes standing on consoles at the corners of the tower whilst acroterions adorn their roof part.

The tower was entered from a door situated on the first floor, which connected to Perast’s house by means of a wooden bridge.

As this was the only in the door the tower, all equipment was brought inside along the wooden bridge and through it. The tower was armed with small bronze cannons that are mentioned in documents in the 17th and 18th centuries.

It was forbidden to build walls, houses and other facilities around the tower that would impede the defensive action of the cannons situated within it.