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By ferry boat or catamaran!

If you are not a navigation expert or you don't have your own boat, you will have to take a ferryboat or catamaran from Split to reach Vis.

The schedule of the local ferry lines changes a number of times during the preseason and also in high season so we recommend that you look for detailed information by calling the "Jadrolinija" Agency in Vis on +385 (0)21 712-009).

Fast boat lines (connection to the land or between islands)

Split area – Brač, Hvar, Šolta, Lastovo, Korčula, Vis



The main Croatian passenger shipping company is responsible for the most regular, international and national ferry, boat and fast boat lines. The main office is located in Rijeka.

Sales point in Split
Split Agency
Address: Gat Sv.Duje bb, 21000 Split Croatia/Hrvatska
Phone: +385 (0)21 33-83-33; +385 (0)21 33-83-04; +385 (0)21 33-83-05
Fax: +385 (0)21 33-82-22

Sales point in Vis
Vis Agency
Address: Vis, 21480 grad Vis, Hrvatska
Phone: +385 (0)21 712-009

How to come to the island of Vis by car?

You can get to Vis by car by taking a Jadrolinija ferry boat from Split (throughout the year).


To enter Croatia you will need a valid driving licence and registration permit as proof of your vehicle being insured. It will be an advantage to have an international driving licence for possible car rental. This licence is issued by your motor club.

Drivers entering the territory of the Republic of Croatia with foreign registration plates must have International car insurance that is valid in the European Union or other proof of the existence of such insurance. International documents and proof is deemed to be an official licence number on the vehicle itself which is usually based in a country whose national office has signed a Multilateral agreement, or a valid Green card issued for the vehicle which originates from the country whose national insurance office has signed a Multilateral agreement as well as other documents and attestation whose validity is approved by the Croatian Insurance Office.

Speed limits

  • in built-up areas 50 km/h
  • on open roads 90 km/h
  • on roads exclusively reserved for motor vehicles and on fast roads 110 km/h
  • on motorways 130 km/h
  • for motor vehicles towing caravans without brakes 80 km/h
  • for buses and buses with light trailers 80 km/h, on highways 100 km/h, except for buses driving children

Reduce and adjust your speed on wet roads.

During the winter period, vehicle lights must be switched on.

Mobile telephones must not be used whilst driving.

The use of seat belts is obligatory. High-visibility clothing must be worn by the driver when undertaking any action on his vehicle when on the open road (changing tires, vehicle repairs, filling the tank with fuel or asking for help by stopping other vehicles etc.). These garments must be present inside the vehicle at all times.

Petrol stations

Petrol stations in the larger cities and on the motorways are open 24/7. Petrol stations sell: Eurosuper 95, Super 95, Super 98, and Super plus 98, Euro Diesel, Diesel whilst in the larger cities and on motorways LPG is also sold.

Information can be found regarding petrol stations and prices on the following web pages:,, and



For motorways: A1 Zagreb – Bosiljevo – Zadar – Šibenik – Split – Šestanovac - Ravča, A2 Zagreb – Zaprešić – Krapina – Macelj, A3 Bregana – Zagreb – Slavonski Brod – Županja – Lipovac, A4 Zagreb – Varaždin – Goričan, A5 Osijek – Đakovo – Sredanci, A6 Zagreb – Karlovac – Bosiljevo – Vrbovsko - Rijeka, A7 Rijeka - Rupa.

For dual carriageways: Istrian "Y" and toll stations "Učka Tunnel" and the "Mirna" viaduct.

Information can be found on the following web pages:,,, and

How can I reach the island of Vis by bus?

By bus to the Split bus station and then by Jadrolinija ferry boat from Split (throughout the year).




Bus station: Split

Address: Obala kneza Domagoja 12, 21000 Split Croatia
Phone: +385 (0)21 329-180

How can I reach the island of Vis by plane?

By plane to Split Airport and then by Jadrolinija ferry boat from Split (throughout the year).




Airport: Split

Address: Kaštelanska cesta 96, p.p. 2, 21000 Split Croatia
Phone: +385 (0)21 203-555; +385 (0)21 203 171
Faks: +385 (0)21 203-422

How can I reach the island of Vis by train?

By train to Split railway station and then by Jadrolinija ferry boat from Split (throughout the year).

Croatia is directly connected to Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Serbia. Connections with train changes exist with almost all other European countries.

Eurocity, Intercity i Euronight trains:

  • EC "Mimara": Zagreb – Villach – Frankfurt – Zagreb
  • EC "Croatia": Zagreb – Vienna – Zagreb (via Slovenia)
  • EN "Venezia": Venice – Zagreb – Budapest (Moskva, Kiev, Bucharest) – Venice
  • IC "Zagreb": Zagreb – Vienna (via Hungary) – Zagreb
  • IC "Sava": Belgrade – Zagreb – Villach – München – Belgrade
  • IC "Kvarner": Zagreb - Budapest – Zagreb
  • IC "Drava": Budapest – Osijek – Sarajevo – Budapest

High-speed lines:

  • "Lisinski": Zagreb – München – Zagreb (night train)
  • "Maestral": Zagreb – Budapest – Zagreb (Moskva, Kiev, St. Peterburg) Zagreb – Villach - Zagreb Belgrade – Zagreb – Zürich – Belgrade
  • "Nikola Tesla": Zagreb – Belgrade – Zagreb Vinkovci – Banja Luka - Vinkovci Zagreb – Sarajevo – Ploče – Zagreb Zagreb – Sarajevo – Zagreb (night train) Ploče – Sarajevo – Ploče Villach – Zagreb – Belgrade – Villach (night train)
  • "Opatija": Rijeka – Ljubljana – Rijeka (München, Vienna)
  • "Ljubljana": Rijeka - Ljubljana (Vienna) – Rijeka

Season train lines:

  • Ljubljana – Pula – Ljubljana
  • Budapest – Zagreb – Split – Budapest (noćni vlak)

Special trains:

  • Belgrade – Rijeka – Belgrade (June and September, on a weekend, night train)
  • Belgrade – Knin – Split – Belgrade (June and September, on a weekend, night train)
  • Prague – Split – Prague


Railway station: Split

Address: Zlodrina poljana 20, 21000 Split Croatia
Phone: 060 333-444

01.01. - 28.02.2023. 


Days Vis - Split Split - Vis
Monday 07.00 15:00
Tuesday 07.00 (Hvar)  15:00 (Hvar)
Wednesday 07.00 ( Milna) 15:00 (Milna)
Thursday 07.00 15:00
Friday 07.00 20:30
Saturday 07.00 15:00
Sunday&Holidays 13:00  15:00


01.01. - 26.02.2023.

Dani Vis - Split Split - Vis
Monday 05:30 / 15.30 11:00 / 18:30
Tuesday 05:30 / 15:30 11:00 / 18:30
Wednesday 05:30 / 15:30 11:00 / 18:30
Thursday 05:30 / 15:30 11:00 / 18:30
Friday 05:30 / 14:00 10:00 / 17:00
Saturday 05:30 / 15:30 11:00 / 18:30
Sunday&Holidays 07:30 / 16:30 11:00 / 19:00




PHONE: 00 385 21 712-009

Here you can see the current bus schedule for the island. The schedule is subject to seasonal changes and depends on the ferry lines between Split and Vis.

During high season, the number of ferry lines increases as well as the number of bus lines. However, regardless of the time of day, when you arrive in the town of Vis, there is always a bus line for the town of Komiža which is 10 kilometres away. There is a 15-minute drive along a paved road. The bus station is on the ferry pier, on the right hand side of the disembarking gate.

Tickets can be purchased on the bus and are valid for only one direction. The price of tickets is 20 kunas. For those staying in Komiža, there is always an available bus line for Vis which is then connected by boat lines to Split.




P: ++385 21 713 849 OR ++ 385 91 2713 009