Town of Vis Galleries

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Town of Vis Galleries
On the small, forgotten square located behind the Perast tower, in an abandoned tavern of whose existence a number of Vis citizens are completely unaware, where a very special gallery was opened in 2010. Between the bare wine press and, who know when, the abandoned closet and motors which have never been repaired there is a permanent sales exhibition known as vis.kom.
Amongst the authors who are mainly from Vis or who feel as if they are, our first glance stops at Mrinić from Podhumlje and Knežija, a sculptor who occupies the entire square in front of the gallery, and then to the master of Vis bonsai, Ilić from Mijurovac and the brilliant sand painter Žitko from Žužec. Paradajz who have quickly turned the place into a meeting place for artists and art lovers.
That is how spending time on the square amongst Marinić's unusual angels, with a glass of Plavac wine to the sound of gramophones, for many people has become an unavoidable stopping point for their evening stroll around the town.

In Jaka's courts at Kut, during July and August, between 8 and 10 pm a small gallery is open exhibiting works of art by the most important Croatian sculptor, Ivan Meštrović. The exhibition is made of bronze castings and several reliefs from the artist's legacy to his granddaughter, Ivana.