Beaches and bays on the island of Vis

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Swimming on Vis

Swimming on Vis is an unforgettable experience firstly thanks to the clearness of the open sea that surrounds it. No matter whether you are looking for an escape from the heat by jumping into the sea into St. George's Bay itself, or that you have abandoned yourself to the unusually strong currents and gentle caress of undersea fresh water springs in Molo Trovna or even better: you are aimlessly floating on an inflated crocodile in the middle of the Zoglov sand bay, Vis' sea is what remains in your memories and cannot be expressed.

What can be disclosed are the beaches that are mainly approachable by road, suitable for family excursions and due to the amount of natural shade are ideal for the younger guests as well.

For adventurers and researchers, swimming does not have to imply just lying around and occasional refreshment. All of the island's beaches are approachable by land, and climbing up the cracks the limestone can reveal parts of the shore that are unapproachable by boat.

Island of Vis beaches

The town beach on the Prirovo peninsula extends over around a hundred metres of terrain and is covered with fine pebbles and round stones. The beach is surrounded by tamarix which provide a pleasant shade. Close to the beach there is a catering facility and beach volley and futsal courts.
This is a naturist beach that extends from the Stonca Bay to the islet of Host along the inclined stone boards and rocks of the north-western part of the port of St. George. The approach to it is ensured by an asphalt path. Shade can be found only at the beginning of the beach.
Is located under the George fortress and is the first exterior bay on the western part of the Port of St. George. Dedicated to naturists, this beach extends over rocks and boards on both sides of the bay. It is approachable by footpath which, lowers from the road to Parja and Rogačić through the vineyards. There is no shade on this beach.
is a beautiful pebble beach in the bay of the same name located in front of the eastern entrance to the Vis port. Rich with shade provided by the tamarix and pine-trees, it is ideal for families with small children. Very close by is a small bar as well as a sunbathing area that was built in 1930s.
is the name of the lighthouse and cape, the long bay and the small fishermen's and tourist settlement, the sandy beach and an excellent restaurant. There is a small bar on the beach itself, a beach volley court and lots of shade under the palm trees on the western part and under tamarix on the eastern part of the beach making Stončica an ideal choice for family excursions. The road from Vis leads to an asphalt path along which, on foot, you can reach the beach in ten minutes.
is a sandy beach located at the bottom of the bay of the tourist settlement of the same name on the south-eastern part of the island. Although there is no natural shade before late afternoon, it is possible to rent a beach umbrella and deck-chairs. The shallow water that reaches your knees is present up to thirty metres away from the beach at the same level and is why this is the best beach on Vis for picigin (an amateur sports game involving several payers in a circle passing around a small ball and keeping it in the air and out of the water for as long as possible) and other similar ball games. Two roads lead to Milna: the old road across Podstražje and the new one across Stončica.
This is surely one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic. With extremely light and glistening sand which, under the strong sun, tends to overheat and with its always pleasantly rippled, western current of cool sea, Zaglav is that part of the island that regularly appears in your dreams. You will forget the fifteen minutes walk along the incandescent path from Milna when you run into the spacious shallow water and throw yourself into the sea. Shade can only be found on the small restaurant's terrace however, from five pm the beach slowly falls into shade.
is another sandy beach on the south-eastern shore of the island of Vis. It is the second bay in a row after walking out from Stončica and heading in a south-easterly direction. It is a famous destination for navigation experts and lovers of natural beaches. At a depth of just two metres from the shore, on the eastern part of bay, around 100 metres from the beach, the remains of an aeroplane wing from the Second World War can be found. Some shade can be found under the pine-trees when entering the interior. Take the goat's path that starts on the former military training ground as if accompanied by an expert guide.
On the islet of Budihovac is a beautiful lagoon and a real Mecca for navigation experts. So if you sail around the island do not miss visiting it.
The beach received its name from the silver shine of its round stones under the moonlight. It is the most famous beach on Vis. Rich with pine forest shade, Srebrna is the most common choice for families with children. The large and spacious stone area that gently lowers to the finest beach on the western part is partly covered by pine-trees. The road takes you to the car park just 250 metres away.
Another pebble beach and a favourite amongst children is located on the south-western part of the bay, in front of the fishermen's and tourist settlement of Rukavac. Although shade can only be found in the small pine-tree forest above the beach, a large stone area to the northern part of the bay is shaded just after five pm. The asphalt road from Rukavac separates from the road to Srebrna and close to the restaurant with a view point, leads to the spacious car park very close to the beach.
is the name for the large stone area that, like terraces, continue one after the other, starting from the eastern cape of Srebrna Bay in an easterly direction, to the Punta od Polivala Cape. Each terrace is visually separate unit discovered by naturists a long time ago and incorporated within the Vis map as a top naturist beach. The footpath through the pine-tree forest leads from the car park, over the open area above Srebrna in a southerly direction.
is a beautiful little bay located on the southern part of the island and surrounded by inclined plateaus that lower into the crystal clear sea which is always a few degrees colder when compared to the nearby Srebrna. The reason for this phenomenon are the fresh water springs in the bay as well as the always present western current that turns the shallow sea around the capes in small fast currents. Senko from Mala Travna lives and offers his food and drinks in the bay, which has been approachable for the last couple of years by an asphalt trail.
On the western part from Mala Travna is Stiniva Bay. Looking from the sea side, Stiniva is closed in by two high rocky cliffs which, at their closest point, are just four metres from each other. Between them appears a pebble beach but only after sailing through the 'gateway' does it open out like a Roman amphitheatre auditorium paved in stones. From the land side it can be reached by a steep and at times very demanding goat's path so think twice before deciding to go on this adventure with small children as you will soon have to carry them on your back.
Surrounded by high cliffs on all sides, Stiniva is at least on one side always in the shade. You must reach the hamlet of Žužec by road and climb down along the footpath which can last for more than twenty minutes.