Practical advice

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Outdoor activities

  • Tell relatives or friends the route and plan of your journey
  • Walk on marked paths and trails
  • Take sufficient quantities of water with you
  • Prepare adequate clothing and footwear
  • Prepare mobile telephone devices
  • Monitor weather forecasts
  • Handle open fires carefully and in line with regulations
  • Do not throw cigarette butts or flammable objects outside

Fire prevention

  • Check that you have undertaken all the necessary measures to prevent fire!
  • Do not throw burning or inflammable objects into the environment!
  • Observe signs forbidding the lighting of fires!
  • Take care that your parked vehicles do not obstruct fire fighting vehicle approaches and access roads.

What should you do in case of fire?

  • Immediately notify the fire brigade of the fire on the telephone number 112. Use a hand-held fire extinguisher (if one is available) and only attempt to extinguish the fire if doing so does not endanger you or others.
  • Notify people in the area about the fire.


Non compliance with fire protection regulations will result in the Ministry of Internal Affairs raising a violation report or imposing a fine on the perpetrator.

On the road

  • Avoid traffic jams during the peak tourism season and driving at weekends and holidays,
  • Be well rested when driving,
  • Adjust your speed to the conditions on the road and the speed limits,
  • In the event of a traffic jam, be patient and take sufficient quantities of water with you.

At sea

  • In case of an accident or sea pollution, call 9155 (National Headquarters for Search and Rescue at Sea) or 112.
  • Before setting sail, inform yourself of the weather forecast, especially for the Adriatic,
  • While swimming, stay in sight of other swimmers,
  • Inform family and friends of the approximate location in which you will be diving and mark the area appropriately,
  • Moderate your exposure to the sun and use protective mediums
  • Do not overestimate your own capabilities,
  • Have sufficient quantities of drinking water with you.

Environmental protection

  • The protection of biodiversity is in compliance with valid EU regulations.
  • With regards to swimming, the waters of the Croatian Adriatic Sea are of a high quality according to EU criteria.

In the event of environmental pollution, please phone 112.