The gastronomic offer of the island of Vis

Bon Appétit!

The island of Vis is the finest gastronomic destination on the Croatian part of the Adriatic.

This statement is not only written here, but can be heard from the numerous visitors who have had the chance of enjoying the varied offer of the restaurants and family households on the island. There are several reasons why Vis has found a special place on the Croatian gastronomic map.

First of all and perhaps most commonly mentioned is the climate of this island. Its unique micro climate, with its rich and fertile plain and numerous fields together with the strongest fishing area of the central Adriatic always guarantees a high quality and diversity of the overall island product.

Secondly: tradition.

On the one hand, the simple way of preparing fresh seasonal ingredients has marked Dalmatian cuisine, and the island of Vis has created a basic principle which has sometimes become a work of art: grilled sardines, freshly caught and uncleaned grilled squid, baked tomatoes, aubergines and courgettes are just part of the hundred year-old fishermen's and farmers' menu.

On the other hand, the most various ways of conserving food are used (dried, salted and smoked fish) as well as imaginative recipes created from the need to use almost everything: Beans and pasta (minestrone), marinated grilled fish or octopus balls are of continuous inspiration for Vis' grill and cuisine masters of cuisine.

And finally: the people.

As honest lovers of eating in company, Vis caterers are all unconventional islanders, good friends and jokers always ready to outdo each other and then even themselves.

They will welcome you to their facilities with casual intimacy and will take care not to "spice" your dinner with high bills.

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