Vis has turned the small number of hotel capacities to its advantage. Since 1989 when the island reopened to the world, the people of Vis began reconstructing tourist facilities. Every year the number of reconstructed houses, furnished taverns and courtyards increases as does the number of small summer houses and newly built apartments.

The number of beds in private accommodation now surpasses the hotel capacities and the offer diversity is the greatest asset that the town of Vis and its eleven settlements has. Whether you are searching for a solitary beach, natural shade in a stony courtyard, an authentic island tavern set as dining room or a house furnished in the way a familiar person might have designed it? Choose what you like: close to the sea or in the middle of the vineyards, in a solitary place or in the centre of a small town, in a five hundred year old house or in a completely comfortable modern apartment.

Vis people are friendly hosts desirous of meeting new people; they love their island and will willingly share it with you offering their best wines and the best products from their gardens as well as the freshest products from their sea.

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